Private neurology clinic and AKUMED Center for Complementary medicine, therapeutic exercise and physical medicine, dr. Maja Roje Novak, MD, MS, neurologist

Integral neuro therapy for cerebral palsy and brain damaged patients

Integral neurorehabilitation - cerebral palsy

In cooperation with the Centre for Kinesiology and gymnastics AKUMED DOO

Integral neurorehabilitation is based on integrated medicine principles.

Integral neurorehabilitation (INRA) is a therapeutical protocol which consists of simultaneous application of different therapeutical methods in order to regenerate and promote brain motor functions. These methods are:

  1. training
  2. nutrition
  3. electromagnetic stimulation
  4. sensory stimulation
  5. respiration
  6. hydration
  7. nerve and muscle stimulation
  8. regulation
  9. Therasuit method
  10. hyperbaric soft chamber

Philosophy of integral neurorehabilitation:

  1. neuroplasticity compensates for brain damage and dysfunction by the proccess of brain growth and reorganization
  2. brain growth is promoted by stimulation of the brain
  3. brain growth can also be promoted by nutrition, hydration, respiration and regulation
  4. neurons are biological electromagnetic units

Simultaneous application of different therapeutical methods is creating synergy where disparate therapies are optimizing and enhancing one another. Synergy is creating huge therapeutical potential of INRA. INRA can be applied to any nonprogressive brain damage and disease.

Practical guidelines for application of integral neurorehabilitation

Integral neurorehabilitation - cerebral palsy

When a patient comes to a Center for integral neurorehabilitation he is examined and evaluated. His primary motoric goals are set.

Motoric goals are following natural motoric development pattern which means that first we need to stabilize the head and back, improve the funcion of the arms, then improve sitting and pelvic functions. After that we are dealing with creeping and crawling, knee walking etc…

  • We are using homeopatahic and nutritional remedies to reduce spasticity and stimulate neuronal functions. Some of them are taken orally and some parenteraly.
  • We are using magnetic therapy for improving brain metabolism.
  • We are using modified oxygen therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to improve respiration.
  • We are using aromatherapy and massage for sensory stimulation.
  • We are using acupuncture and functional electrical stimulation for stimulation of nerves and muscles and for decreasing pathological reflexes.

Therapy is conducted every working day. Patient is in the Center for 3 to 4 hours according to his endurance.

Integral neurorehabilitation - cerebral palsyEvery patient has his own personal trainer (coach) who is working with him one on one. dr. Maja Roje Novak makes a training program according to set primary motor goals. Program consists of 5 to 14 various exercises. When set motor goals are met the program chnages and new program is formed. Training lasts for 2 to 3 hours.

After the training, stimulation part is done by dr. Maja Roje Novak.

Results of the integral neurorehabilitation therapy are very good: Please watch them on, search for “udruga snaga”

Dr. Maja Roje Novak, neurologist

Dr Maja Roje Novak is neurologist and medical innovator. Her core interest is integral neurorehabilitation but she has several other patents.

SULPYCO ® is innovative antidepressant drug composed of sulpiride and nano concentration of Krebs cycle components( isopathy).

Here you can download her book about SULPYCO for free. Please send your feedback to

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Neurology Treatments

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Neurology Diagnosis
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