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Clinical Neurology and Neuroscience

Dr. Maja Roje Novak pozvana da bude član uredništva prestižnog znanstvenog časopisa Clinical neurology and Neuroscience.

Dear Maja Roje Novak,

Clinical Neurology and Neuroscience (CNN) is a peer-reviewed international academic journal, providing a solid platform to all academicians, practicing managers, consultants, researchers and those who are engaged in global current issues and trends in clinical neurology and neuroscience.
Having been greatly impressed by your work titled “Promoting Neuroplasticity in a Developing Brain: Integrated Neurorehabilitation (INRA) for Children with Cerebral Palsy - A Protocol Description and Case Report”, we cordially invite you to submit papers and join the Editorial/Reviewer Board.

Becoming the Editorial Board Member/Reviewer

We have been dedicated to making CNN a world’s top journal. Distinguished researchers are cordially invited to join the Editorial Board/Reviewers Team
Have any interests in joining the Editorial Board/Reviewers Panel?
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Privileges of Being an Editorial Board Member or a Reviewer:

1.    (1) Quickly improve your perceptibility in your areas.
2.    (2) Be accessible to primary information on the latest scientific discoveries.
3.    (3) Authoritative certification (PDF format) released by the editorial office.
4.    (4) Have your name and affiliation displayed on the journal’s page.
5.    (5) Enjoy 10% off of the original publication fee of your article.

Invitation to Submit Your Paper

CNN was started with the intention of promoting scholarly communication worldwide in a more effective and efficient manner.

During the past years, numerous specialists have contributed many papers to the journal. With your contribution, specialists from all around the world will achieve more in the process of scholarly research. We invite you with sincerity to contribute other unpublished papers of related fields to the journal. Your latest research of this article is also welcomed.

For further information about how to submit a paper, please visit our website:

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Woods
Editorial Office of Clinical Neurology and Neuroscience


Neurologie- Nachrichten


Neurologie Kontakt

Mr. sci. Dr. Maja Roje Novak, Spez. Neurologe
Pavla Hatza 27, 10000 Zagreb, Kroatien
Tel/Fax.: +385 (0)1 5801 749
Handy.: +385 (0)91 5697 825

Neurologische Therapien

  • klassische Medikamententherapie
  • Ernährungstherapie
  • Homoöpathie
  • Akupunktur
  • Herbaltherapie
  • Magnet-Resonanz Therapie
  • Behandlung in einer hyperbaren Kammer (weich)
  • Sauerszoff-Therapie mit konzentriertem Sauerstoff
  • Apitherapie
  • Therapie mit alphalipasen Säueren
  • Therapie Calcium EAP
  • Alohomoötherapie- alohomeoterapija
  • Chelation- Therapie (mehr)

Neurologische Diagnostik

Neurologische Diagnostik
  • allgemeine neurologische Untersuchung
  • systematische neurologische Untersuchung
  • Elektromioneurographie
  • Elektroenzefalographie
  • Wochenendedienst (bevor bitte anrufen)
  • Haaranalyse (Materialien werden nach die USA geschickt)

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