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Sulpyco method

Sulpyco method is a new quantum and integrative method for treatment of depression and related disorders. It comprises of blending of sulpiride and homeopathy and is applied via s.c. injection.

You can read more about Sulpyco method:

New book by dr. Maja Roje Novak:

SULPYCO method: a new quantum and integrative approach to depression

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Scientific paper on Sulpyco method:
Letter to the editor:

Scientific work:
Integrative medicine - A clinicians journal


Both Sulpyco trademark and hybrid drug are internationally patented.

Licensing is possible for interested parties.


You can read user experiences about Sulpyco method on my Sulpyco blog.

Dr Maja Roje Novak is neurologist and medical innovator. Her core interest is integral neurorehabilitation but she has several other patents.

SULPYCO ® is innovative antidepressant drug composed of sulpiride and nano concentration of Krebs cycle components( isopathy).

Here you can download her book about SULPYCO for free. Please send your feedback to

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